Casino bonuses

Various bonus offers are now part of the world’s online casinos. Of course, the Slovenian casinos are no exception and offer their customers a variety of tangible rewards. The main rewards in Slovenia’s virtual casinos at the moment are:

  • no deposit bonus;
  • welcome rewards package;
  • first deposit bonus;
  • one day bonus;
  • roland bonus;
  • friend and birthday gifts;
  • casheback and more;

In general, all bonuses at online casinos are subject to mandatory wagering. The average wager for bonuses is x40. In the case of successful gameplay, the winnings can be converted to the main balance, and from there to apply for withdrawal through payment systems.

In most cases, all bonus offers are of a one-time nature and are offered to attract new users. Therefore, when choosing an online casino, you should carefully study its bonus program. You should also note that wagering bonuses preferably choose proven slot machines and a high percentage of payouts winning combinations. It does not hurt in this plan and have a winning strategy (tactics).

Client no deposit bonus to casinos in Slovenia

Slovenian casino no deposit bonus is the most common incentive offered to every new customer. This gift may be in the form of bonus money and free spins (freespins).

No deposit to use can be for one particular slot machine or for all that are available in a particular gambling service. It is offered only once, and to get it you need to meet the following conditions:

  • register on the Slovenian playground;
  • confirm your details with a simple login;
  • to go to the appropriate section, find there a no deposit bonus and activate it.

This reward not only has conditions for its use, but also an expiry date after activation. Therefore, it is worth getting to know it in detail before activating it. Moreover, in order to withdraw the winnings from the no deposit gift, it has to be wagered.

Vager, depending on the casino is between x40 and x50. Any machinations while trying to take the no deposit again are punished by the “ban” of the account forever. All this is closely monitored by the security service of the virtual gambling establishment.

Free Spins at Slovenian Virtual Casinos

In addition to bonus money in Slovenia’s virtual gambling clubs, gamers can also get free spins. They are mostly available and offered to newcomers as well as participants in promotions and loyalty programmes. Incentives in the form of freespins also subject to wagering, and it is often offered for a particular slot machine online.

In terms of quantity, the value of Frispinov comes in different sizes, ranging from 10 free spins and ending with two hundred. In addition, one of the conditions for obtaining additional spins is at least a minimum deposit.

VIP programs at virtual casinos in Slovenia

Gambling houses in Slovenia are always interested in getting their customers to play as much as possible. This is why they develop all sorts of tricks and even trickery. One of the most popular tricks is the loyalty (rewards) program for VIP-clients. Basically all licensed casinos in Slovenia practice it. This VIP-program starts right after successful registration of each user.

Each VIP-program at online casinos has its own rules and conditions, and points are credited according to pre-determined rules. They differ in some cases not only in points accrual, but also in conversion rate.

Generally speaking, VIP Programs do not cover all types of gambling at the casino, but only specific slots. A list of such slot machines is provided on the website, so that no misunderstandings subsequently arise. In most cases, the resulting points gambling site customers exchange for real cash.

The most common levels in such programs are: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The higher it is for a casino client, the more privileges await him. Therefore, to be a player at the highest level, it pays to be active in terms of gameplay, as well as making deposits in larger amounts.

Actions at online casinos

In addition to welcome gifts, Slovenian online casino customers can receive bonuses almost every day. Almost all promotional rewards have an expiry date. Some of them are dedicated to various holidays and events, and some are always relevant. The latter category of gifts include:

  • weekly gifts. Their size often depends on the status of the player taking part in the loyalty programme, and they range from 33% to 200% of the deposited amount;
  • gamer level bonus. The higher the player’s level, the more benefits they receive. And you need to be an active slotshunter for this;
  • weekly cashback. Weekly or monthly, customers get back a portion of the money spent on the game. The size of the cashback depends on the level of the player and can reach a mark of 20%;
  • points system. For each bet the gamer will receive points, which can later be exchanged for bonus money at a special rate or for valuable gifts;
  • birthday present. In order to receive the gift, you need to send scanned confirmation documents (passport) to the support team.

As you can see, Slovenian casinos do everything they can to offer their customers a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

Tournaments at Slovenian casinos

All casinos in Slovenia have regular promotions and tournaments on their official websites. No extra fees are required to participate. The main objective is to play for real money in the slot machines. At the end of each inventory, a group of winners will be determined.

In order to participate in the lotteries, you need to make a deposit of the required amount and apply for participation in your office. Any money won in tournaments and lotteries will be credited to the relevant account in the form of bonus money with a small percentage of wagering. Winners and runners-up can also receive other personalised gifts and benefits from the Slovene gaming administrations.

New Player Bonus

Each new customer to the virtual gambling establishment in Slovenia will be able to get some sort of incentive. This is called the welcome bonus. Sometimes it could be a whole welcome bonus package ranging from bonus cash to free reel spins.

In order to receive the welcome bonus package, you will need to fulfil a few prerequisites. First, go through a quick registration process at the online casino and confirm your details. And the second condition is to make the first deposit in the currency specified in the registration, a minimum of 5 euros.

After that, the user may take and activate this gift. It should be noted that it is subject to wagering according to the established Wager.


What is a welcome bonus and how do I get one?

The welcome bonus is a reward that is meant for new customers at an online casino in Slovenia. It can be either in the form of bonus money or as a freespin. To get it, you should first register on the official page of the portal, and then make your first deposit.

How do I get a beginner’s bonus?

For a newcomer to get some kind of gift from the administration of the Slovenian casino, he has to become a customer by registering. Allowed to it the adult audience with the presence of age-appropriate documents. For example, the no deposit bonus for beginners is available once from your account, email and even a personal computer (laptop). It is not allowed to take it repeatedly.

How do I enter a casino tournament?

For a user to be able to take part in online casino tournaments in Slovenia, he needs the same registration to begin with. You would then have to choose a tournament under the appropriate section, apply for participation, and then make the required entry fee.

How do I become a VIP player at a casino in Slovenia?

To become a VIP player at a casino in Slovenia, you must register and start playing at the loyalty scheme. Then, to reach the highest status, you have to be active not only in the gaming process at the casino, but also in the life of the virtual casino.